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A Time to Sow


The Bible says to everything there is a season.  A time to die and a time to be born, a time to plant and a time to uproot.  This is our time to plant.  Spring has sprung, and hopefully we have said goodbye to Mr. Frost for a good long while.


Gardening around here is a family affair.  We planned it that way.  Digging in the dirt is good for the soul….as is a little hard work.


For one of my kids, that life seems to be a constant challenge, gardening is life.  This particular person can have a few moments of peace when they have dirt and a shovel.


Some of our children haven’t found the love yet.  That is okay.  They do not have to love it, they just have to pitch in a bit.  We are not intense farmers or anything.  We bought this land in order to offer our children a place to learn life skills, be free to explore, and develop a sense of work ethic.


The garden itself has had a facelift this year.

Can I just admit something to y’all?

Pinterest is deceptive.  The work involved in the projects that look easy, isn’t so easy.


Over the last six years, we have tried wood chip gardening (Eden gardens), regular tilled gardening, and wooden box raised beds.  We have not been super successful, nor has any of them yielding a long-term plan.


This year we I came up with the big idea (from pinterest) to use cinder blocks for raised beds.  This would provide a non-toxic perimeter for our beds that would ultimately (hopefully next year) be weed proof.


I underestimated the amount of work this new system would entail.

I underestimated how heavy those blocks would be.



We have three complete though, and for this summer….three is enough.  We are also going to use three wooden raised boxes from last year and till a bit for a watermelon patch.


The plan is to add three beds each year.  The ground has to be leveled and the block has to be paid for, so three each year is good for me.  I am just happy that we actually planted on time this year.

We might actually be successful gardeners for once.


Miss Grace has worked hard to break up the old compost pile and create her own little garden this year.  I must say, I am very impressed with her wanting to do the extra work and grow her own things.


Of course, right after planting these seeds she exclaimed, “I planted a spring garden….we will come back tomorrow and pick it so we can eat!”

Not quite how that works peanut.


Anna has really blossomed this year with gardening as well.  It is hard to believe that this is the same little girl who cried just having to walk across the parking lot seven years ago.  I love the fact that our children have an idea about how to grow food for themselves.  They enjoy working out there with John and myself, they are soaking in the fresh air, and they are learning big life lessons.