Every day is a new day to begin again with fresh joy.  I am Kisha, and this is my place of creative sharing.  I love Jesus, my hot hubby of 15 years, my six kids,  coffee (in mass amounts), books, yarn, fabric, Autumn breezes in the mountains, my chickens, and being alive and well.

My kids annoy me sometimes as does my husband, but it’s okay, I annoy them sometimes to.  Two of our kids are Ukrainian born with extra chromosomes.  I share here about the ups and downs of adoption and parenting unique circumstance.  Two of our kids are post vasectomy reversal kids.  One of our kids has Asperger’s.  Our last little kid is from Africa, she has hydrocephalus, and a lot of sass.

I have taught myself to sew, crochet, and knit, thus, I have an obsession with all things fabric and yarn.  This blog will often show things I have made and where you can find the patterns and/or fabric.   I was educated to be a teacher, so that’s what I do, I teach my kids at home.  I love to learn new things and approach life with sarcasm and humor.  It is a challenge to teach children with special needs, but I’ve seen so many things that were thought never to be possible, come true right before my eyes. This makes the whole journey worth the struggle.

I love good books, to cook (I cook A LOT), and to play board games.  We moved to our current (and forever) home seven years ago, and since then we have attempted to set up a homestead.  We are doing fantastically with chickens, we failed horribly with goats, and we look forward to the future of our land and what it holds for us.

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