GAPS Diet Week 2


This diet is a lot of work ya’ll. I am not even joking when I say that I got mad at one point and just walked out of the kitchen.  I reached a point where I didn’t want to see soup bones any more.  It’s okay though, I took a break, and resumed my cooking duties.

I cannot express this enough, stay ahead of your cooking if you decide to do this diet.  In my house, this is incredibly challenging, as my kids eat A LOT! My kids (all six of them)  eat grown man sized servings for all of their meals. This means I basically took up residence in my kitchen.  I am so thankful for my kitchen.

Read about our reasons for attempting the GAPS diet here.

This week, we moved through stages 3 and 4 of the intro diet.  For some, this is moving fast, for some it is slow.  This diet is unique to each person in how they are going to heal.  My kids were already used to eating fermented foods like sauerkraut, so I ‘ve been able to give this to them from the beginning.  I believe this and being strictly broth based for the first week have really helped my kids to jump start their gut healing.  They have had the sensitivity test to both eggs and dairy, and neither have showed any reaction what so ever.  This is phenomenal. Although we knew eggs were not an issue.

Having 25 hens makes that quite a relief.

This week we added eggs and avocados.  My husband said he never thought he would cheer having avocados and roasted meat. Stage four allows for almond meal based bread and roasting of meats.  The children are joyful for things they can chew!

Foods that have been a hit:

It can be hard to find things on this diet that appeal to you after day in and day out of broth and mushy veggies. Avocado can really add a creamy dimension to your soups. Make the ginger gummies. Basically 2 cups of ginger tea hot mixed with 1 cup of cool water that has 1/4 of gelatin stirred in.  Add this and hone together and chill.  Instant gut soothing gummies that add flavor to your diet.  Scrambled eggs in homemade lard are also a huge hit this week.  Oh the flavor and satiation!

You are really limited on your choices for the first few weeks of the GAPS diet, or months for those that stay on intro for months.  I will be moving my family through it quicker, financially it isn’t feasible to stay on intro for a prolonged period.  Some people begin the diet on full gaps and then go back to do intro at a later time, so hopefully it will be beneficial to do this the way I am planning.

Changes we are seeing:

The biggest thing we have seen in the last couple of weeks is the complete absence of John’s bloating and almost no stomach pain.  This is a great thing for him, he isn’t one to complain nor does he give in to pain, yet over the last year, his stomach really began to affect him in a big way.  He was miserable.  To have him nearly pain free and have much less discomfort, well….it’s a blessing.

I have also noticed a difference in behavior and attitudes of my children, minus one.  However, it has not been long enough for me to really judge whether the diet is beneficial to attitude.  This would take observance over a much longer period for me to believe there is a change.

Overall, I would say week 2 has been a success.  I am so looking forward to moving through this intro though, and getting the full GAPS going.  We are seeing a positive sign towards being able to tolerate fermented dairy in the future, if that happens, it was all worth it.  The goal is to overcome intolerances and have restored gut health.  In addition to the diet, I will be adding a good probiotic the diet this week.


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