A Week of Basic Sewing

Last week, I set a goal to finally start sewing up this fabric into Fall clothes for the kidlets.  My school/craft room is in order….err…organized chaotic order?….who let those kids have glue sticks and paper anyways…..

In my spare moments, I was able to trace and cut 7 shirts from my favorite pattern for littles.  This is a free hoodie pattern found (here) and only goes up to a 5t. It runs small, so Zeke and Glory are my last two to wear it, thus this is my last year to use this pattern for my small people.


Glory has an incredible amount of these hoodies passed down from Grace, who barely wore them last year.  Zeke, however, has no shirts to be passed down.  Tanner would have to grow a lot in order to pass down his clothes, and as of yet, these two are not in similar sizing.

You see this poor baby’s nose? He had an unfortunate collision between himself and the train table.  It’s hard to get dressed in the morning by yourself ya’ll.


This shirt is my favorite, but only because it is the softest and most snuggly of them all.  Seriously, I need one in my size.


Listen, when you have muscles, you have to flaunt them man.


These shirts come together so incredibly fast.  I mean, who doesn’t love an adorable and quick sew! Especially when you have 6 kids and very little time.


This one was Zeke’s favorite.  He absolutely adores anything monster truck.  Who knew, I pulled this out of the scrap pile from a bunch of clothes I had made him when he was a teeny baby.


He really was a good sport about modelling all of these shirts, one right after another.


But then again, I am lucky, all of my kids love love love getting something from “the machines.”  They love mom-made clothes.  They are also, all of them, expecting mom-made halloween costumes….I’ve done this to myself really.

A week’s worth of shirts, sewn in a week’s worth of time.

Who am I kidding….he’s three….this is what…2 days worth of clothes?!!!

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