Making It Through

“You have already survived 100% of your hardest days so far.”

I have no idea where this quote originated, but there is power in this thought.  This is not me pretending to have all of the answers, but I do have thirty-three years of hard life experience, thus a little insight.

I am a strong woman.

This isn’t hubris speaking, this is someone who faces hard and triumphs…..eventually.

This is me saying, I have been broken by many things, and I picked myself up and kept moving forward. I have smashed my face into the seemingly endless hole of failure, and I have clawed my way back out.

We have two choices in life.  We can stop.  We can stand still and wallow, reliving our sorrows over and over.  We can look behind us constantly and never look forward.  The world and those around us will move on and grow, but we will be there with tears of the past raining on every part of our life. OR we can look back and learn, then turn around, and explode into the future.

Odds are that if you are broken, you have been broken before.  You survived before and you have the power to survive now.  Maybe you are lonely.  I bet you have been devastatingly lonely before, and you survived.  Maybe you are grieved.  Those tears spill as your pain resonates throughout your environment.  You are fallen.  You are laying on the ground in a pit of sorrow…….

And you have likely been here before.  Maybe a different hard, but a hard that tested your will as a human none the less.

And you survived.

That does not make the weight of your pain any lighter.  However, it does offer you something to look forward to.  There will be a day when the clouds are lifted, the shadow that drives your sorrow, will fade into sunshine.  Keep moving forward.  Keep trying.

Find help.

There are people out there who have faced your hard.  The circumstances may not be exact, but they are likely similar and just as devastating.  Those people are survivors and they can help you.  Find a counselor to help work through the hard.  You do not have to carry the burden of pain bottled up inside forever.  It will create a vortex inside that all happy things will be sucked into and it will eventually take over your entire life.  You will have a mere thin veil of happiness through which everything is shaded by the bad things you have stored.  Find medicine, there is no shame in using medicine to help during the healing journey.  A lot of Christians see using medicine as failure.  If it is non-habit forming medicine that can help heal your mind, the devil is not part of that.  The devil doesn’t want you to be happy.  The devil wants you to live in that dark place, be tormented by it, and eventually let it destroy you.

Find an outlet.

There is something out there that will give your hands/mind/feet/body a way to let out the grief.  Maybe you like to read, write your feelings, create art of some sort, walk around the block, fish, sit outside in the grass and just soak in nature’s sweet song.  As long as the outlet is something positive that will not further degrade your person/health, do that.  Sometimes these outlets provide a way to escape for a bit.  Then a bit more, and then we work through our hard, and all of a sudden we are okay.

You can be okay.

Just don’t stop trying.

Keep moving forward and looking back less.



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