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To Granny, With Love

I finished this blanket last week for my Granny.  This was my first large corner to corner (c2c) blanket.  It is still about lap sized for my Granny, which is kind of perfect for summer air conditioning.


This is the Spring into Summer blanket from the Felted Button.


I used the Red Heart Unforgettable in Candied just like she did, not because she did, but because I bought a bunch of this yarn years ago intending to make a cute blanket.  I made the shawl for my Mawmaw with the same yarn in a different colorway.  I must admit, I hated working with it the first time.  It is different thicknesses throughout, and it kind of threw me for a loop at first.  However, it is squishy soft and beautiful, and after you work with it, it’s not so bad.


This colorway really is beautiful in person.  I didn’t have time to capture pics outside like I had hoped (6 kids and all).  Grace is absolutely clamoring to have a blanket like this, she calls it the mermaid blanket 🙂 It’s on it’s way to my Granny as we speak, hopefully she likes it.

Onto the next project…..

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