Got Jokes!


My Grandpa is being laid to rest tomorrow.  This man who walked me down the aisle and laughed his behind off at (to his face) the preacher who started the wedding ceremony without me, is resting in Heaven.  My heart broke to say goodbye, but I know he is saved, and I know that we will get through this pain….probably with inappropriate humor.

This is life.

My grandparents lived hard, my mom lived hard, for the first half of my life….I lived hard.  And in a way I still do.  Parenting six children (four having special needs) is hard.  So how do we get through this life without being swallowed up whole by the sting?

We laugh in my family y’all.

We laugh A LOT.

I’m so thankful that I married a man with a good sense of humor.  Life would be too hard without laughter. God gave us the gift of humor for a reason.  I know that not everything in life is humorous.  However, we can find the lighthearted silver lining in most situations. If my husband had been a boring potato, I might not have survived this long.

At the end, in the hospice bed, my grandpa had jokes!

I love that man.  He could poke fun at just about anyone or anything including himself.  He was never too serious, and boy am I glad to have inherited that trait.  It isn’t easy to get up a million times at night, have a migraine, have two kids literally screaming all day, one kid puking, and one kid smear feces everywhere to punish you.  Those days are tough.  And sometimes they require potty humor.  Like literal potty humor, some prayer, some grace, and a lot of cleaning supplies.

Jesus and laughter my friends.

Through the tears my family was able to sit around and find a way to roll with laughter.  We sat there and grew closer, relied on the strength of one another, and celebrated life.

Celebrate life people. It is a gift and it is fragile and it will pass by quickly.

Life is hard.  In the end we can only hold on to two definites.

Jesus is the way to eternal life.

What doesn’t kill us makes us funnier.

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