Six years ago, almost to this week, we found this place by chance.  This home that I was very apprehensive about, that was put on the market the day before we saw it.  The place that we were sent photos of, well photos of the garage.  John took one look at the garage, the 11 acres, and he was sold….


I had to see it for myself.

As we drove ALLLLLLLL of the way out here, my hope for the place waned quite a bit.  It is far. Very very far.


However, we pulled into the driveway, stepped out of the car, and instantly took in a deep breath of peace.  It literally was a huge breath of tranquility.  I didn’t even need to see the inside of the house.  I was sold.  Adorable decorative trees that I assume are growing right since I do not have a green thumb or outdoor caretaker gene, a creek running through, and amazing foliage all around.  The quiet of nature everywhere is all encompassing.  Ample opportunity provided for our children to run around free, explore, and learn good work ethic in the splendor of God’s creation.

We offered asking price right then and there.


What followed was that brief month of no-where-to-live since our old house sold to the first buyers as well, and this house took some time to close on…but we made it….and then we multiplied 😉 We started working the ground, learning lessons, and this became home….refuge.

I adore Spring around here.  We can open the doors, allow the sun and air to pour through the house, get our feet damp in the grass, and just bask in the blooming of new life all around.  It is a true blessing.


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