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One Month Home

I cannot believe that one month ago, we were basically surviving the most horrific, ear splitting, exhausting trip home.  Yet, here we are, one months later…..alive and…well?

I kid.

We are doing well.


There have been approximately 1, 456, 743, 222 screaming, raging, kicking, full on tantrums around here over the last month. This child has good lungs. She definitely has a “force to be reckoned with” personality.  Her stubborn streak beats many, but I have experience and determination, so we are a match.

Let’s see, what can I say…..

Medically, Glory has checked out well.  We still have a sedated MRI and appointments with neurology as well as ophthalmology and ENT, but so far, it has been all good news.  She does not have a brain bleed anymore, she does not (as far as they could see with a singular scan) have fluid on her brain, although they still say hydrocephalus due to her head size and ventricles. Developmentally, she was as behind as you would expect any orphan from a third world country to be.  Everything is rolling along medically, and so far, looking very good.


She LOVES taking a BATH now!

I know, we took all of those fully clothed baths, and thought that perhaps she would never get fully cleaned.  Now, you can’t keep her out of the tub though.  We have to constantly tell her to back up when we are bathing Grace and Zeke.


She LOVES to EAT now!

Well, she loves to eat seconds, therefore is motivated to eat the vegetables that I put on her plate. It’s crazy to think that just one month ago, we were in the hospital because she was so stubborn and mad, that she refused to eat.  Now, she easily clears a second plate. Once she realized that mom was not going to give in to her tantrums, that screaming actually gets you nothing especially a second plate when you haven’t eaten the food on the first,  that she landed in a house where the mom is a great cook, and that all of these different kinds of food are really tasty and fun to eat…..she decided to just eat.  I have a few tips and tricks for how we have progressed, that I will share later.  Let’s just say that we didn’t just jump into it right away, there was a week that she only ate spaghetti and bananas.

Glory and Zeke

The other children have begun to warm up to her.  At first, she spent a lot of time pulling their hair, throwing stuff at them, hitting them, and filling the air with loud screams.  She has stopped hitting them (except Andy and I think she’s playing with them), and we had to teach her that she could rub their hair, not pull.  As she adjusted, they began to see her personality outside of the screaming.

When she gets to laughing, it is an infectious full of feeling laugh.  She fills the room with joy.  The kids will find ways to make her laugh, because in turn, they start to laugh as well.  It is contagious.  They love to make her smile.  They also have no problem walking away when she throws a tantrum and ignoring it until she decides to chill.

I think kids understand that other kids have bigger emotions than their vocabulary.

Sometimes, I have bigger emotions than my vocabulary.

Zeke is also three, and let’s say, he has big emotions as well.  When he throws a fit, Glory walks over and points at him as if to say, “look y’all he’s doing it to.”


Do ya’ll know how hard it is to get 6 children to sit still, look at the camera, and smile at the same time…

This last month has been a very long month, but a very good one over all.  I would say that we are learning and growing.  Glory is VERY attached to me, almost maybe overly attached.  She follows me, stares at me, sits next to me, and has a giant cow if I am out of sight.  We have begun to make more of those moments now where I am not her main caretaker, as we were were advised by our post-adoption clinic social worker.  It is normal what she is doing, Anna went through the very same thing.  It is smothering, I am not going to LIE, but it is also flattering and rewarding.  I get to actually mother this child who never had a mom.  She is digging having a mom.  I mean someone who you can’t steam roll to get what you want, who still hugs and loves on you, who kisses your boo boo’s, and is silly enough to pick you up and dance around the living room with….but also wipes your butt.

That’s a win in life for sure.

I have to say that we feel complete as a family and so thrilled with our final little member.  She keeps us on our toes and crying for ear plugs, but also forces us to grow and stretch as humans.  Watching her overcome her fear of baths, embrace this new life as well as she has, and still have smiles….that’s powerful stuff.  It actually is a true blessing.


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