The First Week

Glory and I landed in America 9 days ago.  What a whirlwind it has been.  This child was not happy (ha that is the biggest understatement of the century) about being contained in a seatbelt on a plane.  She screamed for hours.  She tormented the ears of all on the plane. It was exhausting, the most exhausted I’ve ever been in my life.

We made it though.

We made it home to a sick household.

I took her to the doctor for the very foul smelling ear that she has had her whole life, and due to her lethargy, we were sent to the Children’s hospital three hours away.  She spent the night, had some pictures taken of her brain, and was detected to have severely low blood sugar.

The good news was that her brain does not have a hemorrhage.  She has enlarged ventricles and decreased brain matter as well as a large skull, but nothing that was in dire need of medical intervention at that time.  We will get a better diagnosis and idea of what the prognosis is once she spends the day with the neurosurgeon team.

Her blood sugar was cause for her lethargy.  She was given glucose in an IV and kept overnight for observation.  When she was discharged we were given ear drops and anti-fungal meds.  The ear drops have been a life changer for her! She finally knows what it’s like to be without ear pain after ALL of those ear infections.

She is integrating into the house as we all build around her as well.  As it stands, she has severe separation anxiety with me.  If I go to the bathroom and shut the door, she throws a screaming fit.  The first few days she also threw a fit if she was told no, but she’s learned that fits to get what you want will get you nowhere.  However, she has also learned that even naughty behavior still leaves you with parents who love you and give you hugs.

I’m sleeping in the girls’ room right now.  Glory doesn’t get up every hour to cry anymore, but she does get up to check that I’m there.  We have decided not to rush this one.  She has built attachment and now she needs to build security.  It will come.

The best part is that she is taking baths! Well okay, today was the first day she took a bath willingly and SAT down in the tub.  She did it all on her own.  Then she proceeded to pour water on her belly and laugh and laugh.  She’s quite the character, and that was a true joy to witness.  It took weeks of partially clothed stand up baths to get to this point, but now it’s as if she has always taken them and loves the water.

Food wise, we have quite the opposite of what we experienced with our other two.  Anna and Tanner came home with severe food obsessions.  Food issues that we are still battling, seven years later.  They will still eat far past the vomit point if allowed, they will still eat such big bites that we have to do the Heimlich, Tanner will steal food if the opportunity presents itself, and so on and so forth.

We expected this with Glory, but we have just the opposite.  She doesn’t want to eat food.  That is how we ended up in the hospital.  She refused food for so long that her blood sugar crashed.  However, we have developed a list of things she will eat.  She is up to bananas, oranges, toast, bacon (yeah she thought it was like gold or magic or something), AND spaghetti.  She will eat spaghetti however many times you will give it to her.  We now make giant pots to have on hand.  She is eating whole wheat pasta, homemade sauce, and extra mean in her spaghetti though, so at least she is getting some nutrition.  She also ate a piece of cake last night.

Now, let us talk about personality.  I LOVE this child! Oh man she’s a tiny little ball of fire and giggles.  One minute she’s melting down because she threw all of the books on the floor and has been told that she has to pick them up and the next minute she’s cracking up into big ole belly laughs over something.  She has been pretty mean to the other children, but then she’s also hugged and kissed on them.  I think having parented a three year old before (twice) and having another one in the house helps to know what we should freak out over or not.  Having parented previously orphaned kids also helps.  We went into this adoption expecting the absolute worst, thankfully what we have in our little girl, is most definitely not that.  She’s just amazing.  I am so grateful that she gets to be in our family, her infectious laughter fills our home with extra life.

I would say it has been a great first week home…..but I have had RSV and my husband had to be gone half of it, plus we had that overnight in the hospital….so it has been exhausting and challenging….but still pretty great.  I am so glad to have her home.

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