First Bath

How do you teach a child to not be afraid of the bath?

This is day 3 of Glory being in my care. She has screamed every time I tried to get her near the bath tub. Last night I did something I did NOT want to do. I undressed and got into a tub of yellow water….the color of the water here. She stood at the side of the tub with wide eyes. I wonder if this fluffy super pale naked woman or the bath was more scary?…

So that was her introduction. She watched everything with fierce intent. 

Then today I I had her wash her hands with the tub faucet. Then let it fill a bit more with just tepid water, and gave her a cup to play. I showed her how to splash and she did well. 

She would not let me undress her so….

I got into the tub fully clothed and splashed and jumped like a fool.

She thought it was funny and decided to get in as well. I lifted her into the tub and first she would just stand. She didn’t like getting her pants wet so she let me take her pants and diaper off.

Finally she sat down to play in the water but with her shirt on. 

I scrubbed her good while she played even under her shirt. 

When I got her out she let me take her shirt off and ran off butt naked to get a pile of socks…must always have your feet covered you know. Eventually she let me lotion her and dress her and hey….her clothes today got a good wash.

Her favorite jammies were dry, and her boots were ready lol. 

It was worth soaking our clothes and a yellow bath to help her understand that a good scrub can make you feel amazing. I was able to get her some Tylenol today so I’d say it’s a very good day. 

You never think about there being people out there who have never had a bath. A real bath. Puts things into perspective. 

2 thoughts on “First Bath

  1. Congratulations on your new addition! I just learned about this via the RR site – wow, I’ve been out of the loop! It’s good to catch up online – hope the same can happen in person once you’re back in the Bluegrass. Are you going to the RR family reunion next summer? It was great fun last year…

    Susan, up the road (and across The Pond)
    Cousin to 2 from U.


    1. Hi Susan, I’m so happy to hear from you and hope you are well. I hope to go to the reunion. Hopefully things will be less chaotic by then, this adoption has taken a very long time.


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