I might have a heart attack!


Alright ya’ll.  Here we are literally waiting any time for notice of a court date…..again.  Our police letter has been updated and turned into the courts.  We should hopefully hear tomorrow.

I’ve said that three days this week.

Every single day, I have waited to have this letter turned in, and hear of a final adoptive court date.  Every day. Meaning that at 1am and 3am and 4:32am, I have awakened to check my email to see if maybe just maybe it was there.

“IT” the final golden ticket.  The last hurdle to making her legally our daughter.

Ofcourse there are a few hurdles after that before exiting the country.

After court, John has the option of taking custody of Glory.  We both have to be in country to apply for a birth certificate.  I would have to leave the kids in the care of family and fly over.  We had initially thought we’d have to wait until March 13 for this, but my brother and sister in law have agreed to baby sit a few days at my mom’s, where my sister has agreed to also babysit a few days, and my mom and stepdad have offered to watch them the other days…

I owe them ALOT!

This new development means that if all the stars align, we could have Glory home this month!!!!!

We just need that court date.

I can’t bear the thought of her staying in country any longer.  Her country is beautiful and full of amazing people, but she bonded to me.  We spent hours building this new relationship, and then I left.  It’s almost to much.

So we pray for everything to line out perfectly….er…atleast semi perfectly from here out.

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