I have to say goodbye.

It’s morning here. I will get to visit with my sweet girl by myself this morning. Then again with the other couple and their son this afternoon, and then I won’t see her again until after she’s legally our daughter….which I hope is next week. That is kind of a stretch, but I do hope. 

How do I say goodbye to this little girl who was so afraid and then so embraced me being her mom. I have spent about 8 1/2 concentrated hours with her building a relationship. In all honesty, she went from mistrust to finally fully talking to me out loud and acknowledging the pictures and me being her mommy. Now I say goodbye and she won’t know why.

For me, she is in good hands. Her care is truly impeccable for where she is, heck the care and love she gets rivals many places back home. These nannies and staff truly love the children. Ethiopians love and value children. They are their pride. 

So I know she is in good hands. But she doesn’t know that tomorrow, I won’t be here. Hopefully we finish up in the next month and when she sees me again, it reinforces that mommy comes back.

My other kids are to the point where they are ready for me to be home. Zeke has not slept and isn’t liking me being gone. So, it is time. I did what I needed, I know she is cared for in my absence, and I know the little human that is about to join our family….and she is awesome.

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