Dad Dad Dad….Daddy

Today was AMAZING! I have been in tears all day. Very happy tears, my daughter has been so loved. She has been supported, she responds with appropriate responses and is so happy. My heart can’t process how different her treatment in the foster home (that we’ve been paying for) is from Anna and Tanner’s. I can’t believe my grieving for what they missed even all of these years later. I’m so incredibly happy that she was able to go to the foster home instead of staying in the orphanage. 

She seems to understand that all of the kids in the pictures are her family. The other little boy visiting with his family grabbed the photo album from my bag and she told him it was hers. She opened it up and said “b(her name) daddy”

That was cute but then an hour later she was telling dad dad at my bag. She was trying to get John’s picture. 

I can’t wait for her to meet her dad. She’s going to possibly be afraid at first and then she’s going to love him. I hope he’s prepared for all of the kisses. I just love her so much, I look forward to her meeting her siblings and being home and getting healthy. 

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