Day 3?

I’m so lost on days and times and time zones here y’all. Today is Saturday…well night for me. I visited this morning with Glory and she is a hoot. She come to the door waiting for me and I took her to the visiting room. She wanted to be held a lot this morning. 

She was talking a bit more out loud today. She would only whisper yesterday. The other couple was measuring their son and wanted an inseam measurement, the dad was like “crotch?” and Glory said CROTCH 

Oh my goodness. I laughed because it was the first loud word I had heard. She repeated me today in English but with my reflection so she said “oh my gosh” and “yeah yeah” I just know she’s going to bust out with awesome next. She has to give you 3 kisses, one on each cheek and one in the forehead. And she does it a million times and then kisses your hand. I can tell that at the foster home, she has been really cared for. They do not let other visitors or parents interact with the kids in a way that would encourage RAD development, the nannies have a genuine love for the kids.

You want to know the BEST thing that happened?

Another couple that Glory had never seen walked into the visiting room. She got really wide eyes and concerned and ran into my lap and sat holding on to me. There is another mom in the room that she was used to but she ran to me. She warmed up enough to kiss the unknown families hands but did not leave my lap. She is already sparking attachment!!!!

The nannies brought her bottle and she climbed I to my lap and cuddled. 

Um…. She spit an m&m in my hand, and a raisin, and a nut, and some bean/corn mix. She likes her formula and mushy food. Like how dare I give her an m&m?!!!

I am completely over the moon with this visit with her and her appropriate responses to people and food. 

She likes the wipes and to have her face washed. I can’t wait for her to have a bubble bath. She likes chapstick. She likes to blow bubbles. She likes shoes and bracelets and her reflection. 

Stateside, John is being super dad. I video chatted last night and skyped tonight, Grace sang me a song about Andy, Anna said Andy made good pancakes, Zeke doesn’t believe it’s me talking when he can’t see my face, Andy was proud of his pancake making, Tanner had no response since it hit him today that I wasn’t home.

So yeah, all is going well. We are praying for court next week as in not this week coming up but next so John can go make it legal and then you guys can see her! 

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