A Hot Shower

Again, I am relaying all of this via mobile from a time zone and altitude that is kicking my rear. I am surprised that complete sentences are even leaving my mouth at this point…..Maybe they aren’t perhaps I’m imagining it is but instead it’s a random jumble that everyone else hears. 

I’m kidding, I have carried on conversations with others here. There are two other families in the guest house and both are just so inspiring. One a first time mom to an older child, she is definitely first time mom-ing it. I love it, I think it is very refreshing to see, and she is a teacher so very concerned, prepared, and sweet as pie. Their kid is going to a home where I have no doubt they will do everything in their power to help their kid succeed. New doting parents to an older child, y’all, that’s good stuff. The other couple are ready to go home. They are on poo t with this thing. They do missionary work and the mom and Grandma are easy to talk to, they rally people. I know their kids must love having them as parents because they really are natural cheerleaders. 

My little girl! We played together twice today in am and pm. She was really congested and having a tough time getting air. Still she was in good spirits. She can jump! She can stack blocks, she called me Mama today. She wouldn’t talk to me yesterday. She can kick a ball, throw a ball, throw a ball over head backwards. Basically, ball is life here. The kids LOVE soccer. Let’s see, she gives kisses as is the custom. She will kiss your hand and then each cheek and the forehead. She likes getting kisses. She is aware that her nose is running, she knows when her pants are falling down, she makes eye contact!

Did I mention that yesterday?

Well I’m saying it again! It’s worth emphasizing. Eye contact is just amazing. She is not obsessed with food, she drank a thickened liquid with no lid today, Lara bars are disgusting to her ‘like seriously mom are you trying to feed me the plague…’ 

Hmmmm she let me hold and rock her and girlfriend is pushing 40lbs so let me tell ya. Did I mention the altitude of Addis is around 7600? Still I held and rocked her. I mean come on, who tells their Ethiopian orphan no more to be that they can’t hold them ya know. I shall get all the snuggies I can while I’m here.

Coffee! Oh man it is strong and delicious. I need a suitcase full to bring home. 

Oh and I had a hot shower today. I asked why there was a box plugged in in the shower. It must hear the water but it’s iffy. One way melts your skin off and the other will turn you straight into a naked soaped up popsicle. It was still bliss after all of that travel and dirt. 

I am still collecting my thoughts on Ethiopia. Let me say that we have poverty in America. I’ve seen places in my own community that look like places here BUT just the sheer amount and the overwhelming basics that people live with….I am still speechless. I need a way to articulate this with respect to the spirit of the people and what they live through. 

It really is an amazing country.

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