The second time I saw Glory

Forgive me for typos and sleep deprived lack of sentence structure. 

I went back to the foster home today for the afternoon visit. Glory came right out to me, kissed me on both cheeks, and the held my hand as we walked up 5 flights of stairs. The driver and I had to help her, but still, she is doing so well. She played and loved and snuggled and tested her boundaries. I just love her. She has deep congestion and a constant runny nose. She covers her mouth to cough, but apparently had never been taught to blow her nose til today.

They say she’s chatty but I only hear her say hello today. 

She likes to crawl into my lap and squeeze and be squeezed. 

She loves looking at pictures of her family to be.

She can throw a ball underhand. She can catch a ball. She can kick a ball. She makes eye contact. Soul filled eye contact. 

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