My daughter was afraid!

I landed E! What a trip. It was morning when I landed, so we were able to go over to the home. They brought her in to me and she ran over, jumped in my lap, jumped back saw my face and FREAKED out. She ran for the door hiding behind the nannies bawling and asking to go bye bye. She grabbed on to the Nanny for dear life, tears a flowing. She was petrified. When they left the room she cried in the corner. Finally I caught her interest with pictures of Grace, then she wanted to see the other children from a fingertip distance. I didn’t try to force it. The nannies wanted her to stop squealing and brought her a bottle.

I think they wanted a better experience for me…NOTHING could have been better than appropriate fear, her knowing and identifying sources of security in her nannies whom she is attached to. Attachment! 

After I flipped through the picture book, I scooted closer and she flipped the pages. Then I scooted closer and we walked through each picture of her new family over and over. Then she accepted me sitting in the floor by her in the corner by the door.

Then we began to play and build a little foundation of acceptance. She had trouble figuring out mega blocks but she’s a quick one to try and troubleshoot. I taught her the high five❤ she thinks you have to do one hand then the other though.

When I saw her, I was taken aback. I’ve never seen a head shaped like hers. It does t show up in the pictures, she needs a lot of medical appointments. She is a doll baby though. About perfectly sized between Grace and Zeke. 

She loves those little plastic bracelets. She was just so fascinated by Grace’s picture and the video I made of her. 

She is involved, she makes eye contact, she responds appropriately to people, she got her other front tooth knocked out so she has both front teeth missing. She’s pretty great.

I know that pare ts dream of this kid coming in and being so happy to see you and then everyone loves happily ever after. 

I think this was the perfect way to meet my girl. She came in crying and so won her over. She was blowing kisses when it was all said and done. I get to see her again today and then I’m going to crash. I haven’t slept since Tuesday and changed a bazillion time zones. 

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