London to Ethiopia

I sat in an airport for 9 hours…9 hours…well I walked a bit looking around at things that are priced far beyond my reach. I have absolutely no materialistic interests….aside from yarn…I love yarn….and fabric….and coffee…Don’t buy me diamonds(i have a moral objection anyways), just give me good coffee and squishy yarn. 

My thoughts:

*I ordered a large coffee, paid an absurd amount after the exchange rate, it was 2 sips and some foam…WHAT?! 

*I spent an hour with the jitters. Apparently this particular coffee place doesn’t mess around with the linger and enjoy your warm cup of heaven…they get right down to it and punch you in the face with caffeine. 

*My hubs sent me a photo of a surprise. He’s hanging hooks and putting in shelves to organize my pots and pans….awe yeah….I love when things have a spot.

*salt beef (whatever that is) sandwiches on brown bread (whatever that is)is amazing….it also hits the stomach like lead.

*caring for your elderly mother spans across nationalities. It still requires the gentle touch and a loving embrace. 

*I sat on the plane waiting to take off in tears. Not of fear. I am overwhemlmed by this entire experience. I grew up poor, government housing, small town, poor poor. I never thought I would actually get to see Africa….it was always just a dream. Kids like me don’t grow up to do things like this. Yes I know that I went to Ukraine and adopted A&T. That was amazing. I guess I’ve dreamed of Ethiopia since I was a very little girl and I’m not only going, but I’m going to meet my little girl. 

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