The London Flight

The accents! Oh my word it is all too delicious. I love accents: southern, British, Minnesotan, Irish, Russian, Italian, Indian….I am hearing it all in the terminal of this flight and it is wonderful!

Now to be honest I am once again an island to myself. Yes, I have the last few rows to my lonesome….again. These flights are prebooked so this does not reflect my travelling companion/ neighbor abilities just you know……in case y’all thought it was me….it’s not me. 

My thoughts for this leg:

*Chicago airport toilets change the seat cover for you. But does it? The plastic rotates around but you do not hear any ripping or trash rustling so how does that work? 

*I saw pay phones, it would be just like 1992 except these take a credit card.  For real…a credit card pay phone. Which makes sense Now that I think of it. Until 2 years ago, I didn’t carry a cellphone and I never had change. 

*A lot of people who fly look really mad. Are they lost in concentration, tired, sad due to circumstances in their life causing them to travel, or just grumpy as a standard of living? 

* I want to eat a British accent

* I did not actually tell anyone British that previous tid bit….I’m not a loon. Perhaps I have read to many Jane Austen novels, and every British accent brings a hint of Mr. Darcy to mind.

* I may be on the never ending trip….as I stare down a 9 hour layover then another 7 1/2 hour flight

*These must be the most polite flight attendants ever. 

*One can sleep on a flight of they fight the mass coffee consumption urge, sleeps poorly the night before travel, and takes a Tylenol p.m. It also doesn’t hurt if no one is beside you, this removing the need to be in your own space.

*Planes are flipping cold. Like cold cold cold. I can’t even believe I still have feet left. That third toe on the left foot hates me for this trip.

*Less than 24 hours from now, a little girl in Africa is going to find out that I’m her mom and she finally has a family….with a sister named Grace who wants to be best friends. Eeeek!

*It is definite after throwing myself into this….planes are in fact, not as scary as snakes. 

*Compression socks may not be sexy but they are Uh-mazing

*If ears did have ear balls (you know like eyeballs) mine would have surely burst by now. 

*London is gorgeous. It is densely populated like landing in New York, only incredibly gorgeous. Landing in New York was like a concrete jungle. The buildings aren’t just grey rectangles, they have so much charm. 

*A little boy running through the airport yelling in an accent I can’t quite identify with his blonde hair and red cheeks is just to much y’all. 

*People watching is the best! Just think about the magnitude of billions of individuals in the world, each with a story unique to themselves. It’s amazing.

*I am blessed…..way back in the back lol.

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