The Back 30?!

I pulled it together in order to fly to Ukraine for Anna and Tanner. That was huge! I was terrified of flying, and vowed upon departure that I would never ever do it again. 

Well here I am folks…alone this time….

That’s me trying not to cry uncontrollably with fear as we took off. 

You know what’s worse than flying alone when you are scared?

Flying in the last 30 seats of the plane by yourself. Yup. There was one couple back here, but they complained long enough that they were able to move closer to the front.

So here I am blogging from my back 30 apparently painfully, small economy class seat, *spoken with dripping disgust lol* in order to write out my feelings about being in the back 30 alone. This is just the first flight, I’ll be headed to London next on a bigger plane. I am trying not to focus on the fact that I’ll be flying over an ocean. 

I can appreciate the beauty that God has painted into our realities though. 

Also, regardless of the endless complaints by my former back 30 companions, I think flying in whatever class is kind of amazing. Terrifying….but amazing. Plus in the back 30, I can only hear the faint shrills of some girl and her slew of profanities interlaced with “OMG! For real?!!!” 

My thoughts for this plane ride:

*descending altitude makes your ear balls want to jump out of your head

*I’m only 5 ft tall, maybe that makes it easier to fly in the back of the plane.

*some people have no idea how loud they actually are….or rude

*the power of motherhood is amazing. I nearly died having all 3 of our bio children (hence the not having anymore bio kids), and I have faced one of my greatest fears in order to be a mom to our adopted children

*planes aren’t as scary as snakes

*I probably need new ear balls…(please know that I know there is no such thing, but it feels like it). 

*Flying makes you have to pee….I know this because every passenger on this plane passed my seat on their way to the bathroom and gave me the “look”…..hey save your looks people cause you have to sit next to loud lady up front. 

*some people are very out of touch with reality 

2 thoughts on “The Back 30?!

  1. This was a funny read. I feel your pain. I am beginning the process of an adoption from Bulgaria and my biggest fear of the whole thing is that I have to fly there and back twice. I don’t know how I’ll do it on the way back with a plus one I have to look after while I’m sobbing uncontrollably with fear 😫


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