My baby is 3


I do not even know how we ended up here in this place.  Logic would state that time simply passed by and here we are…..but how did it pass by so fast?  How did I go from having this tiny helpless being in my arms, to having this stout raging lunatic running through my house?

Oh my Zekey, he is THREE!

He is one of the greatest little humans to ever walk the planet.  I haven’t documented as much here about him as I have the other children.  Time has simply raced before us, requiring all moments to be lived in the moment, and leaving only exhaustion in it’s wake.

I do want to document a bit about him though.

This child of mine, my baby, is full of life.  When I say this, I mean it, he is full to the brim with life.  He runs at high speed all day long, living without fear, pushing limits, and squeezing every bit of experience out of his life moments.

He loves cars, trains, monster trucks, dump trucks, wrestling, stuffed animals, water, the cat, snuggling, irritating Grace, “pwaying wif Anna,” and being just like his daddy.  He wants to be like the big kids, no….he wants to be the boss of the big kids.  He wants to do everything they can do.

If he isn’t having a melt down over his hair being brushed in the wrong direction, he can usually be found grinning from ear to ear while playing a joke on his siblings.  He will be the first to run over and sit in your spot when you get up for a quick trip to the kitchen….and laugh and laugh.  He’s been known to run in the girls room with a flash to steal their clothes as they are getting dressed, running out yelling with glee, as they screech the ever ear shattering, “ZEEEEEEEEKKKKKEEE!!!!”

We often joke that Zeke was a tiny baby for that first week, and it’s true, he had doubled his birth weight in the first month.  He hulked out with a fierceness and kept his appetite.  Although my baby didn’t stay “baby” sized for long, he does give me something amazing.  He LOVES to snuggle.  I mean really and truly loves to snuggle.  He puts his whole weight into it and embraces the snuggle with his whole being.

He melts me.

I am blessed to have this little bear of a kid be mine.  My heart aches a little by the fact that he is already three, and I know all to well that adulthood will be here before I know it, leaving those chubby little cheeks and pudgy little toes with only memories to be had.  I look forward to watching him grow into a man, hopefully a strong, kind, man of God.  I know that we will have many struggles, heartaches, and failures….but I know that we will have many smiles, hugs, and triumphs as well.

I couldn’t have ever imagined that there would be a Zeke.  Grace was a surprise “miracle” child after having been declared infertile. So I call Zeke the icing on the cake.  We both nearly died from a rupture during his birth, and yet here we are, living to praise God for this great life we have together.  How blessed I am to be the mother of this sweet, amazing, wonderful, vibrant, little bear, we call Zeke.

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