This Picture

I sat in the rocking chair the other day.  It was an ordinary day, and I was just sitting there filtering through my email, when I looked over and noticed something that took my breath away.  I suppose to most people this wouldn’t have been anything special, and in fact, it is something I have probably seen too many times to count.

However, this moment was just so full of everything for me that I had to capture it.

Immediately, I snapped a pic on my phone, and then I showed it to my husband.  He didn’t see why this was so special that it needed his immediate attention, and just kind of passed it off with a “yeah uh huh.”

“Don’t you get it! I didn’t have this as a little girl”

Grace was lounged on the couch snuggling John.  This tiny little 4 year old girl loves her Dad so much, she is completely comfortable and…..safe in his arms.

She feels safe.

She knows he loves her and it is just one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen y’all.  Just when I think I couldn’t love that man any more, he goes and does the good father thing like a boss!

My own father was a very scary and violent man.  I have a handful of positive memories with him, but for the most part, we never knew when a bad mood was going to hit.  And when that bad mood would turn him into a monster.  This was my reality at my daughter’s age.  Watching her move through the years brings back so many memories and comparisons.

With my own childhood colored with shades of fear and sadness, I watch the man I love, paint my daughter’s with love and joy.  It brings tears to my eyes.  There are so many instances in the day with just the most mundane things that fill me with admiration and appreciation.  This picture of “just another cuddle moment” is so much more than that.  It is everything I could have ever dreamed of wrapped into one simple moment.  For this moment, I am blessed.img_20170112_155833.jpg

By the way, she always brings a blanket for her and Daddy when they watch t.v.

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