We got the call!!!!

When we talked to the agency in March of 2015, I told them I did not want to do an adoption that would take years.  They told me about a little girl in Africa.  She had severe special needs, and they couldn’t find someone to accept her referral.  There are people who wait 5+ years for a referral, so this surprised and saddened me.  I saw a video of her.  She was withdrawn, tiny, delayed, completely disengaged, and I fell in love.

We said yes.

Quickly I scrambled to get our paperwork in order, knowing that she needed me to be on my “A” game in order to get her home quickly.

I was on my A game…..sadly, time passed….and passed…..and passed.

International adoption carries no guarantees.  There are incredible upfront costs, they are most often non-refundable.  There is a possibility that the country may close down, the child may die, or all sorts of other awful things that would result in your hoped for child never coming home.

It is a leap of faith and love….

For us, we faced numerous obstacles from financial setbacks to prolonged delays in country.  It has been a journey with much despair, great faith, and lots of tears.  You begin to wonder if there will ever be an end in sight, will all of your children ever be under the same roof.

The answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got a call last night that the letter that is needed for court was finally…FINALLY, given, and we can now go to court and finalize our adoption!

Glory is coming home.

My heart could just burst out of my chest every time I say or write those four words.  This child, this beautiful child that I love so very much, is finally going to be in my arms soon.  I am going to tell her that I am her mom, and I love her so very much! I am going to play in my yard this spring with all SIX of my children.  I am going to cuddle on the couch and read books to all SIX of my children.  My joy is abundant and my heart filled with gratitude for all of the prayers that have carried us through.

We are not there yet though.  I am asking for even more prayers.  We need Glory to medically check out for her trip, we need to safely make the required trips to her country and back.  We need costs to not get away from us.  And if you feel led….we could use donations. I have refrained from just asking for donations due to the nature of our case and unknown ending.  I have made and sold many many things to help with the costs, but now I am humbly asking for donations for travel.

You can make a tax deductible donation here:


Or non-tax deductible donations:


I absolutely hate asking for money, especially when we set out to do this adoption, we were armed with a very good plan.  Unfortunately circumstances beyond our control happened, and here we are.  I am humbled by this journey and immensely faithful.

I can’t wait to post pictures of our girl soon that have her face in them for you all to see her bright spirit.  She really is amazing.





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