I am going to see Glory


I have been freaking out these past few weeks.  My sister, our childcare option, is going back to school later this month.  I knew that if we didn’t travel while she was on break, we would be left without childcare options for the court date.  The court date is a mandatory date, basically, when they call you go…..not so easy with 5 kids.

Both parents have to meet the child before the court date in order for the child to become a US citizen once they hit American soil.  So, I will be going to see Glory in two weeks.  I will travel to meet her while John stays with the kids, and then when we get a court date, John will go for court and a power of attorney on my behalf.

After court, John will come home, and we wait for notice that we can apply for a birth certificate.  At that point we have some flexibility in order to find child care since we both have to be there for that.

We will come home after that, and then John will return for the final trip to bring Glory home.

So basically……I’m going to finally meet my little girl in two weeks!!!!!!

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