All Aboard!

We have five children, no shopping places within about an hour-ish drive, and it’s Christmas time.  As you can imagine, Amazon is kind of my best friend this time of year, along with the UPS guy.  He actually is a great guy…anywho….with all of those gifts, Amazon gives amazingly sturdy boxes.

What to do with all of those boxes?

I thought about this last year, the enormous amount of boxes, and what a shame it was to just do away with them.  This year, I had a great idea.  We could do a Polar Express night and John could make a train from the cardboard…..he loves when I come up with ideas for him to execute 🙂

Sadly, when I pitched the idea to the hubs, we didn’t know he was going to have to work so much overtime.  Adoption folks, it ain’t cheap, and sacrifices are always being made.  However, I opted to take all of the kids with me to run errands, and he was afforded the opportunity to churn something out.


I made them pajamas and laid a ticket on each set.  They had no idea what the tickets were for, yet they were so excited to get them.


A ticket must mean something great right!

I had them change and stay in Andy’s room until John could bring the train in and set it up.


John had a lantern, but uh….not exactly the right uniform ha…the kids handed him their ticket to be punched.  They were super adorable about this.

You can’t see Anna, she’s in the caboose, the place she chose to sit, but if you squint you can see here at the back there.


It didn’t photograph as well as it looked in person, but the kids didn’t care.  They got to sit in a train and watch The Polar Express, and have their dinner in their train cars.  I served them their fun dinners and collected their tickets.

This was such a fun little memory to make.  I am glad that we went ahead with it.  Sometimes it takes a lot of extra effort to do things with our particular circumstances, and there is often a regression that happens.  For a long time, our fear of the regression kept us from doing so much.  We have come to a point where, it’s best to have the experiences, or at least try, and deal with the aftermath, than to skip out on life all together.  This happened to go very very well, even after a morning of gingerbread house decorating. For this memory, I am so very grateful.

Oh yeah…..

And then this happened


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