Christmas and the Christian

As a Christian watching the world fall into sin, I get quite defensive at Christmas time.  The secular world has a constant push to triumph over the Christ-centered heart of Christmas, and create something more worldly to overshadow Christ and His redeeming gift.

Christians find themselves at odds with each other during Christmas time as well.  There are pagan celebrations attached to all holidays, and for some Christians, they feel very strongly that we should not partake in the Christmas holiday.  Some feel so strongly that they offer harsh criticism to Christians who do celebrate the holiday, calling them hypocrites and worse.

With all of these people criticizing and yelling “hypocrite,” understandably, one might become defensive, wouldn’t you think?

Every year, I give my explanation as to why I LOVE Christmas time.  I love it so much, I start celebrating just after Halloween (I hate Halloween), Christmas to me is completely magical no matter what life is happening at the moment.  Even as a child when we were incredibly poor, when my environment was chaotic and full of intense turmoil, I could still brighten up when the radio played Christmas music.

How do I justify Christmas celebrating as a Christian?

Best of all, Christmas means a spirit of love, a time when the love of God
and the love of our fellow men
should prevail over all hatred and bitterness,
a time when our thoughts
and deeds and the spirit of our lives manifest the presence of God.

George McDougall

This is everything!!!!

The children and I were having a coloring party yesterday, listening to Christmas music, and the back of one of the pages had this quote.  I had never heard this before, but it explains everything about why I celebrate Christmas as a Christian who loves Jesus.

To me Christmas is a spirit of love.  People are encouraged to be a little more loving, to see their fellow man and the struggles of people that they might usually ignore.  It is a time that encourages empathy, something our world could use a lot more of.  This time of year opens people up to putting off the dysfunctional comfort of grumbling and bitterness, and instead makes it a time where they can act and think with kindness and positive thinking.  It is a time to celebrate good, to hope for good, and to put down electronics in favor or being cheery with our community.

I adore celebrating goodness.  My heart is overfilled with gratitude that Jesus came to the earth to forgive me of my sins, my awful ugly sins, and whenever he was born…..I can choose this time not only focus on that gift He gave, but enjoy the spirit that His birth brings to the world.

So much hatred and bitterness prevails through much of the year, why wouldn’t we take this time to embrace the joy of Christmas?kids9

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