Working for Glory

Adoption is quite costly, in most instances.  There are ways in which it does not cost so much, such as adopting from foster care.  I would love to adopt from foster care, however, every time we adopt, we are told that our family is not desirable to case workers.  We are not the kind of family that social workers look for due to the size, age, and special needs of our children.  Sadly, this is not uncommon.  I understand this, but still, we are very much capable of parenting another child and giving them the care and love that they need.  Our path was not meant for domestic foster care adoption this time, our path is a one way direction to Glory.  We have worked for so long, waited, prayed, and hoped for the day that we can bring her home.  Some of that work I have listed on FB, and you can find them by clicking (HERE).

We are also set up to take donations, tax deductible donations (here).  If you find it in your heart to make a donation or purchase something  I have made….thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  It means so much that you have chosen to support giving this little girl a family as a priority, in giving all orphans a family.  Thank you.

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