This Moment of Crazy


In 2010, we brought home two orphans aged 5 and 6.  Our lives at the dinner table has never been the same.  Every meal has been filled with little hands that strive to force as much food into their mouths in as few seconds as possible.  We have performed the Heimlich so many times I’ve lost count.  I thought that meals were crazy then…..

Now we have two preschoolers (is a 2 1/2 year old a preschooler or a toddler?) added to our table, and things have only increased in chaos.  I feel as though I share my time between convincing two of my children to slow down and telling two of my children constantly to eat…eat….eat…sit down for the love of all things green and gravy…eat!

All of my children have a large appetite, but while the two oldest are busy trying to choke down as much as possible with a quickness that cheetahs do not even comprehend, the two youngest want to take the scenic route through their meal, stop off and get a coloring page, read a book, fly a kite, eat a potato, make a phone call, have a carrot, tell me that the other is staring a them and thus making their hair hurt, and eventually……..eventually…after a long a pain staking wait…dinner is over and they have in fact cleaned their plates.

What will I do with my self when there is no one to agonize over at my table….

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