We are still waiting.

As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been much posted, well nothing over the summer.  I have to admit, it has been one of the most busy, fun, crazy, chaotic, and emotional summers of my life.  Let’s do a small catch up, shall we?


That is our latest picture of Glory.  As you can see…..she is not home.  I know, I know, my heart is aching right along with you.  We are still at the very, very, very last step of this adoption.  Waiting for that travel phone call. For 17 months, we have been working towards adopting this sweet little girl.  It was a big step out in faith.  We are not fully funded yet, but we do have our back up plan if need be.  Thank you for the donations we have received so far, $3,000 might not seem like much when faced with the whole expenses of an adoption….BUT it actually is a huge help and a mental boost.

Glory is doing well though, as you can see she is walking.  I have heard first hand account of her playing with peers, talking, running, climbing!!!!  All things we had no idea 17 months ago, that she would ever be able to do.  Praise God for her progress and the care that she is receiving.

This summer has been full of challenges and triumphs.  Our older two kids have had some heavy regression episodes this summer.  We realized that we had let their iron clad diet go awry over the last 9 months or so, and I am happy to say that a month in to getting them back on track has brought a lot of peace and building of skills.  Their digestion and behavior seems to go hand in hand.  I know a lot of people have children with Down syndrome who suffer debilitating constipation.  I’ve written about the extremely healthy diet that my kids follow, and how we do not have bowel issues at all….UNLESS I slack up and then we have MAJOR issues.

Lesson learned….Momma can’t be lazy…..


We were able to do a little hiking so far this summer.  I have to tell you, we live in a big forest, so our kids are at home in nature…..but there is something refreshing about seeing new and fun places outdoors.  It kind brings you closer to the creator to see His artwork up close and personal.

And….to the doctor who told me that Anna would never have the muscle strength and tone to do much physical activity….girlfriend hiked this trail like a boss!


Just because we have a lot of kids, and some of our kids have extra challenges, doesn’t mean we can’t have adventures and fun 🙂


There were a few wild beasts out there though.


What kid doesn’t love a creek to play in…granted we have a creek in the front yard…this was still a blast.

The regression has been difficult, but John and I have really grown through the challenges.  We have learned an even deeper level of compassion for the neglected and abused child who simply cannot attach to anything or anyone.  We have grown towards one another through the challenges instead of apart.  You know the majority of marriages that include a child with special needs, ends in divorce.  That makes my heart hurt.

My health this summer has picked up.  Last summer, I had a lot of tests run, and a lot of pain and exhaustion.  I would just fall apart in John’s arms, crying over the fact that I was so tired.  Not just tired, but exhausted to the point of not being able to do more than cook a little and watch the kids.  I was in constant pain.  Deep pain in my toes, in my hips, in my feet, my shoulders, my back.  It was intense.  And my hair kept falling out.  I had big patches of bald.

I couldn’t keep up with life.

In January of this year I started exercising, hoping to get back to where I was before Zeke was born.  You know I walked over five miles the day I had him, but a uterine rupture and near death experience will ravage your body.

I could only exercise those 10 minutes and I was exhausted.  However, slowly I built up to 15, and then 20.  Now, I can easily do about an hour, stay in my targeted heart rate zone, and then go about my day doing my cleaning, cooking, kid playing, etc.  That is HUGE for me.  I am finally, slowly, able to lift weights.  The deep intense pain that I felt for so long only comes around for a day or so now.  I can do squats with weight and not hurt so bad for days that I stay on the verge of tears.  I’m pretty excited about all of this, it has definitely made this summer a positive in my book.

The only thing that could make this summer even better?…… Is to get a travel call next week.  If we don’t, we will not be able to bring Glory home until after the rainy season in Ethiopia.  So if you will, please pray for us, pray for that travel call and for our girl to finally be home to get the care she so desperately needs.

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