A Place to Rest

We have heard  very inspiring news coming from Glory’s country, and are hopeful for travel any time.  Currently, we are around $11,000 from what we will need to travel, and while I should be sewing and selling….Glory needs a bed.

Over the last few months we have been tossing around varying ideas for where the kids should all sleep.  We offered to split the girls up, but Grace insisted that she get to be with her best friends.  Our original plans were to build two dollhouse looking sets of twin beds, but with our adoption expenses, that just was not in the cards right now.  Also, it would have taken up a significant amount of floor space.  You know the space that little girls of their age need in order to fully dance and role place.

Our next idea was a triple bunk.  I have seen different ones on Pinterest, however, I needed something that would make the top bunk still kind of low.  These are extremely sturdy and safe, and Anna is eleven, but she’s small and a momma worries.

That is where my amazing and handy husband came to the rescue!


Oh yes, I know that this is a lot of pink.  That was the girls’ whole goal in this process.  They wanted pink, pink, pink!

In fact, they wanted the room to be pink as well…..I couldn’t…..


Enter a gorgeous teal color that honestly did not come through the camera as beautiful as it is, with some fun pink stripes.  I still need to add the vinyl lettering to the wall of stripes, but I love how it turned out.  There is a lower pink stripe as well to balance it out.  Seriously, when you have paint and little girls, why not get creative.

Y’all see those baskets in the picture?  I know the two top ones are out of place, they are holding the winter clothes that need to be put into a storage tote, and then will be free for Glory’s wardrobe!

Any who, those baskets are actually dressers for the kids.  It may not be to some people’s taste, but let me tell you, they are amazing for children and especially kids with special needs.  Anna can easily see her clothes, pick what she wants, and put her clothes away where they go.  John built these years ago from the Ana White plans.  They have been amazing for all of our children.


I am so excited that Glory has a bed now.  NOW she needs mommy made bedding, because just a sheet is lonely looking, don’t you think?  I have made all of my kids a blanket whether sewn or crocheted when they entered our family by birth or adoption, and I am ready to make Glory’s.  I am ready to have here here, in my arms, sleeping in a bed made just for HER! A place to rest ❤

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