Today, I received news about Glory.  Our case worker was able to see her, she watched Glory push same aged peers out of the way, in order to get a hug.

I know..I know…pushing bad….but…

We are cheering over here!  She is engaging, walking, doing, making choices, smiling, seeking affection….we are whooping it up with cheer over here.

Every week we await our pictures of Glory.  We watch her grow, I get measurements of her head, height, and weight, and we cheer.

When she first looked into the camera and smiled…Andy commented about how great it was!

When she first stood, leaning against the wall…..John and I exchanged a couple of yippeees.  Not because she would be bad if she couldn’t walk, oh no, not at all.  But because she is progressing in abilities and skills that she has.  We do not expect anything from her, but just as we do our own children, we celebrate progress.

When we realized that her head had stopped growing so rapidly, we sent up a “Thank You Jesus!”

When she started wearing shoes, I instantly began emailing to see if she was walking.  I knew they probably wouldn’t put something as valuable as shoes on her if they weren’t needed….and we all cheered.

We are a cheer squad, thousands of miles away, for a little girl who has no idea who we are.  We cheer for her as she smiles, as her eyes light up, as she gains weight, as she grows, as she waves at the camera….we cheer and we give thanks for being given such an honor as to be the ones to share her life.

As always, I can’t wait for her to be home, so we can cheer her on in person.  I love a good news kind of day.  I can’t wait for her to push her way to this momma’s arms, cause I’m never letting go!

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