Blind Kitten Update


Oh the kittens, my how they have grown.  If you remember, early last Fall, we began fostering two kittens that were blind.  They had their eyeballs removed in November, were spayed in December, and are officially Andy’s cats.  When we first got them, we were concerned with how tiny they were……

That is no longer a concern.


Lavender is the black cat, and as you can see, growing is not her issue.  As it turns out, these two cats are a maine coon mix, so they are destined to be quite large fluffy cats.


Savannah is the smaller of the two, but she eats quite a lot.  They are both very active little cats.  I am amazed by their abilities.  They run, jump, chase toys, climb, and do all that seeing cats do.  We do not move their stuff around, and so they are able to always find the litter box and their food.  These cats have been 100% with using the litter box.  Again….I’m amazed.  We took two little kittens that were blind and found living in a sewage pipe, and rehabilitated them into your everyday livin’ the life housecat.  Andy is a good cat-mom.  These are his babies, and they love him like nobody’s business.  They love everyone else as well though, these are not shy cats, again I’m amazed.

I would have to say that adding these kittens was a bit of a risk.  Two blind kittens in a house with five kids (one with Asperger’s, two with Down syndrome, and two toddler/preschoolers) and a deaf dog, it could have been a disaster.  Thankfully, Andy had done enough research on cats, we were able to really transition them well into the house.

Oh yeah, we are almost ready to celebrate 2 years of Teddy the deaf rescue in home as well! Isn’t he cute!


We are focused on bringing Glory home now, so no, I will NOT be going to the shelter for a very….very….veeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy long time. 😉


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