The Battle and Gratitude


Adoption is quite a roller coaster, and anyone who has ever been on the ride, can heartily agree.  We KNOW that what we are doing is a good thing.  Opening our home to the children that society doesn’t seem “worthy” will only open society up to seeing people differently.  We know that what we are doing is answering our call from God.  Some people do not agree with that, and they say that God does not call you to do something.

Well even if you do not believe that, but you are a believer, then you can agree that God does command us to care for orphans and widows.  He tells us to care for “the least of these.”  It isn’t an easy job, but when we do this, we are working for God.  When we work for God, evil will creep out of every crevice in order to stop those works.

I feel like special needs adoption is one of those things that evil really hates, something that is incredibly impactful on so many, that it almost forces people who do not believe in God to question just a little.  Maybe they open their minds to the possibility of our creator, why else would someone completely give up their everything (comfort, sanity, money, easy) for the task of caring for individuals who need a lot of care.

It ain’t the money….contrary to popular belief.

There’s no money.  At least not in this house.  Here’s how I know that evil hates good works.  Since we committed to adopt Glory, we have had quite the financial punch.  Our goat field flooded terribly, we lost two goats (one was our dairy momma), and ended up having to find new homes at a financial loss (and a heart loss) for the goats.  It rained so much over the summer that our garden didn’t take.  Our lawnmower broke, and we live on acres of land to cut.  We were in a terrible car accident that totaled our van and caused some medical issues.  John’s truck broke and had to be replaced.  One of my children has had a turn in behavior and health that has required SO much work and travel to specialists. Our dishwasher broke (not a huge deal, dishes can be washed by hand).  John’s new (old) truck was found to have a rusted out part that needed replaced.  My new (old) van recently slipped some kind of belt and pulley thing.

Evil hates good works, and will attack people trying to weaken them.  In the last 10 months, we have been hit by all kinds of stuff.

But you know what?

We persevere.

We give thanks, and I’ll tell you why.  We give thanks for our ability to work hard.  My husband is amazing, he has been able to fix most of the broken things.  I am able to rework our food budget and give thanks for being able to cook most things from scratch.  We give thanks that although our son’s medicine cost us a great deal, that we are able to get the care he needs.

Yesterday I discovered that someone had given us a generous donation to our Reece’s Rainbow account for Glory.  I was humbled and amazed and joyful!

Evil did NOT appreciate that.

This morning the water company knocked on my door to tell me that we have had a leak somewhere since Wednesday (it’s Friday).  Apparently it’s quite significant, and we have no idea where the leak is.

Am I going to curse life?  Grumble and complain that we can’t catch a break, get nervous, and give up?


I’m going to give thanks.  We might have to dig our yard up by hand, and if that happens we’ll do it.  My amazing husband did that at our old house in order to save money, oddly right around the time Andy was born.  I’m going to give thanks that I have been given the assurances from my God that I can be courageous.  I am not giving up on our adoption of Glory.  It is taking longer than I expected, and evil is trying to wear us down, but I know that adopting her is going to be life changing for us all.

I know that good works, no matter the tribulation, are worth it.  Any work to give God the glory, is worth it.

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