My son is white, not evil.

My friends, we are facing something that has been weighing heavy on my heart.  I am the mother of three white sons.  What am I to say to them when they are grown, as they are growing, how am I to help build up their personhood when the media (and our own president) is fighting ravenously to tear them down?  According to the media and our government, my son is the epitome of everything that is wrong in this world.  If he grows up and desires to be a police officer, to lay down his life on the line every day in order to protect others, he would automatically be considered the “bad guy.”

My son is a racist….according to all proponents of the new movement to divide race in the name of making a certain group of people matter.  Yet, my nine year old son has no idea how to be a racist.  Part of his having Asperger’s means that he rarely distinguishes between people in the social way necessary to be a racist.  Also, he has never been taught to be a racist.

Oh wait?  Never taught to be a racist.  Apparently that doesn’t matter since we are inherently racist according to the new liberal ideology being promoted in the schools.  Let me set this straight for you.  I have never been taught to hate black people.  I have been in schools with thousands of kids, and only a handful were white.  I have been in schools where there were only a handful of black students.  I have friends who are black, and I am over the moon about having my Ethiopian born daughter finally be part of our family.

My son sees himself as completely level with any random black kid his age.  Yet, apparently that makes him racist?  Apparently any random kid with a darker pigment to their skin should be seen as someone weaker, more violent, dumber, and less advantaged….according to the restorative justice promoters.

That’s right folks.  Right now, my son sees himself just the same as any kid his age without regard to gender or race.  However, those people seeking to “promote justice” want my son to start regarding children like our black daughter-to-be as less than him in order to divide them and force an agenda that really doesn’t care about those of color anyway.  In the process, this agenda seeking force, wants my son to feel hatred towards himself.  He should lose his self worth, and not see the things he works hard for as something he deserves.  You know, if my son studies every day for the next six years, earns himself a scholarship to some fancy college, and gets a free ride to school…..it will have nothing to do with him and his work ethic.  It will have nothing to do with the nights he will stay up writing notes and studying.  He will not deserve the scholarship, and all of his hard work is for nothing, since he will only get the scholarship due to being white.

That’s pretty unfair right.

I grew up poor, I lived in public housing, we ate food bought with food stamps.  My mom worked long hours and I suffered at the hands of some terrible things.  Let me tell you, there wasn’t anyone standing anywhere trying to give me a free “white people card to the good life.”    Although apparently, according to the media, there are these magic fairies standing out there handing those cards out but only to the white people.  There isn’t, and I refuse to let the media and our president tell my son that he is undeserving if he works his butt off to be a good person.

Racism still exists in this country. It goes all ways.  It is horrible and unfair, it is ridiculous for anyone to treat anyone else different just because of their skin and culture.  But let me be clear, it most definitely goes both ways.  I have had people approach me by phone and make disparaging comments about white people, assuming that I am black since my name is Takisha.  Racism is evil, but I also think that there are some in this country using race as a way to destroy a demographic of white males and to divide people.  I refuse to stand for that.

I don’t want people to make a program that dumbs down entrance exams in order to make room for my daughter.  That just tells me that the people making those rules are racist, they do not believe that my daughter, a black female, will be intelligent enough to pass said entrance exams.

I do not want people to tell my daughter that it is okay if she gets into a fight or steals something since that is just the way her peers deal with life.  She can be violent towards someone since her “people” are just more emotional.  First off, my daughter-to-be is Ethiopian, a people known for their sweet kindness.  Secondly, just because she is black, does not mean she gets a free pass to break the law and act violently towards others….talk about racism.

The answer is not to lower the standards for black people and tell them that it is okay to lack morals, to break the law, and to act violently since they are black.  That seems absurd to me, while at the same time telling my white son that he is inherently racist and evil with an overwhelming sense of entitlement.  My son is a steward of God, he as his parents, sees himself as someone working for the heavenly father to treat others with the love of Christ.  He is a good person, and I will NOT stand for anyone telling him that if he works hard he still doesn’t deserve reward for that hard work.  I will NOT stand for anyone telling him that he is full of hate, that he is just born that way, and let them mold him into some self loathing young man who ends up hating people just because he is taught that even if he doesn’t and says he doesn’t, he hates them anyway.

How ridiculous is all of this!

I also will NOT allow my daughter to think she is dumb, just because society says she needs a dumbed down version of the test.  I will NOT allow my daughter to act out violently without correcting her even if society tells her that it’s okay since her culture is just more emotional and that violence is just acceptable.  NO, she will be taught to respect and love herself as Christ loves her.  She will be taught just as my other children, to work hard in life, to love others, and to not rely on excuses to get them through life.

You know what the answer to all of this is?  To start promoting self worth in every group, but NOT at the expense of another group of people.  How about yes, black lives matter and they matter just like my white son matters.  How about we all come together to build each other up instead of tearing one group down in order to feel above them.  How about instead of telling young men that it is completely okay to threaten to kill their teachers since they are black, that they are an individual with purpose, that they are loved by God, and that they do not have to be violent just because others are.  How about, yes your actions have consequences, but instead of pumping music into your ears that tells you to rape girls, do drugs, and only care about the materialistic….we say here my friend let me help you to help yourself.  Let us teach people that life is valuable.  That hard work is valuable, and instead of just giving people a way to lose their self worth and work ethic, we make it so that they can begin to build their self image by the reward of hard work.

How about we stop preaching hate and division and start preaching hard work and self sacrifice, love and build one another up.

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