Matt Bevin’s Adoption

In our state’s race for governor, the conservative candidate (Matt Bevin) has nine children.  Oh yes, you read that right, NINE children.  What stands out about his particular family is that four of his children are adopted from Ethiopia.  Now, let me clarify, I do not personally know much about Matt Bevin, but I feel confident writing what I am about to say.

Supporters of Matt Bevin’s opponent have said two things.  The first being that, due to his conservative views, he must be a racist.  So let me address this, I believe that racist usually do not invite someone of a different race to live in their home.  Also, his lieutenant governor is a black woman.  Again, racist (you know those people who are filled with hate and prejudice) do not usually “choose” to work alongside someone of a different race.

So that brings me to the other thing “they” say about him.  His children that have been adopted, were adopted for “show.”  Okay, this is the most absurd thing I have read about the man.  I mean there are a lot of smear tactics in a campaign, but THIS is absolutely ridiculous.  Aside from the fact that racist do not want someone of a different race in their home, NO ONE (can I repeat that…NO ONE) adopts four kids for show.

I have read that it is a fad or something like that to adopt a black child these days.  This seems absurd, but after being a part of the adoption community for the last seven years, I can say that there may be some truth to that.  Well, not necessarily a black child adoption, but an adoption of a child with a different race.  I have seen some people ignorantly go into adoption with some very stupid ideas about the attention it will draw.  I can almost guarantee that Matt Bevin’s adoptions are not for show.

Do you want to know why?

Someone might ignorantly adopt one child for the wrong reasons.  NO ONE adopt FOUR children for show.  No way, uh uh, no sir.  Those people who adopt from ignorance and the wrong reasons learn very quickly how foolish they were.  Orphans are human beings, they come with emotions, feelings that present in all kinds of ways.  Adoption is real and it can often (even if at first) be very challenging.  An orphan has suffered a great loss, that usually comes with great struggle emotionally or even physically with some.

As an adoptive momma, I have seen how troubling being an orphan was for my kids.  Even five years later, we see the ramifications of orphan life.  We are prepared for when Glory comes home from Ethiopia, to handle her loss with care and understanding.  Each child is an individual and handles their losses and their potentially harmful sufferings differently.  Some children handle them with an outward display of emotions.  They hoard food, they steal things from the house, they refuse affection, they cry and rage, they turn inward and they refuse the family.

I’m not saying that all kids who have been adopted act this way, and I’m not saying that Matt Bevin’s kids have had these feelings or actions.  What I am saying is that, no one adopts four kids for publicity.  It just isn’t a feasible idea, and anyone who has more than one adopted child can vouch for this fact.  Kids in general need a lot of work to help them become well-adjusted adults. Kids who have suffered the great loss of their birth family and lived life as an orphan in a third world country, well, they need even more work, love, and understanding to help them heal and live more peacefully.

I have no idea about the rest of the smear tactics and their validity, as I said, I do not know Matt Bevin personally.  What I do know, is that his family is most definitely not a political play towards winning office.  He is the father of nine little humans, he and his wife adopted four children, meaning all nine of his kids are affected.  There is a lot of work to harmonizing the family in those circumstances, and no one does it unless they have a heart for adoption.

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