Always The Busy One

In the last week, meaning well, since last Sunday, I have done the following….

  • Driven from my home to another state for a very important doctor appointment for Tanner.
  • Agreed to take the kids to the Halloween celebration that means a lot to my father-in-law.
  • Bought fabric to make costumes for said celebration.
  • Declared my hatred for Halloween.
  • Drove to North Carolina (all the way to the ocean) with all five kids in tow, in order to procure a truck for the hubs.
  • Sewed five costumes for those five kids of mine.
  • Crocheted up a cute lil gift.
  • Took said kids to celebrate Halloween.
  • Did the big grocery store shopping trip.
  • Deep cleaned two more rooms (one to go and my whole house will be completely organized all the way down to the corners of the closets and cabinets).

So here’s the fruit of some of that labor.

kids3I know you are dying of cuteness overload right now right?…right….

Tanner2He was made for this, he loved being an oompa loompa so much.

grace23She just loved having her hair green.

Andy7The reason they were characters from this particular book.  Andy had read it last year and fallen in love with the movie (old not new), and so it only made sense that they should be Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompas.


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