Must Be Fall

My blog is quiet but my home is not.  I have taken on a task of completely simplifying our house.  I’m getting rid of the clutter, going through every storage tote, every closet, and cleaning everything.  I feel like our kids need to learn to live with less stuff, although admittedly, our home is still full.  I think that happens when you have seven people sharing a space.  It’s okay, but we do not need storage totes full of stuff that we haven’t seen in five years.  If you haven’t looked at or used something for five years…you likely aren’t in need of it.

I’m currently finishing a baby quilt, but I did manage to make a few shirts.  My craft room is probably the only room that can have totes of stuff that I haven’t used in five years 😉

I know….I’m a contradiction.

Grace22I had this math print that I loved, and I made a shirt for myself out of, but I used the leftovers to make Grace a shirt.  She loves matching me ❤

Grace21Her hair has a mind of it’s own doesn’t it….you’ll notice that she’s also barefoot.  Both of the littles are in a revolt against shoes.  They are at that age where the last season is vague, thus they aren’t quite remembering that shoes are a necessity in the winter.


I love this shirt.  In fact I had the fabric for myself, but it didn’t quite work out well for me.  Isn’t that how it is though, even when shopping.  You go to the store intent to buy yourself some clothes, you know since everything you own is covered in stains, to big/small, or completely rag worn (tell me I’m not the only one with this wardrobe).  Once at the store, you veer slightly to the right and it’s over.  You see two shirts that would be perfect for one kid still in need of two shirts, a pair of pajamas for another kid, and all of a sudden you are to exhausted to shop for yourself…you didn’t like any of those clothes anyway…

Zekey20Oh the joys of having a small person.  I can use scraps from scrap pack of cute fabrics to make him boutique clothes on the cheap!  I love it!  I love him! He’s cute, and I’m thinking I’m totally keeping him.

Zekey21I do love him dearly, though he is a terror to try and photograph.  He never stops moving.  This little pig print is from Sweet ‘N Charmed on hyenacart.  The deer fabric is from Girl Charlee, and I have no idea where the math fabric came from.  All are from the Brindille and Twig hoodie pattern, I just gave Grace’s deer shirt a neck band instead of a hood.

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