More Fall Sewing

My hubs is off of work for the next few days, which means, I get to have a day of sewing.  I’ll being making a baby quilt and something adorable in tiny form during that day.  I had to wait for time to sew the baby quilt, as I’m no quilter, and I’m hoping to make something great.  Greatness doesn’t happen when the kids are in the sewing room with me.  Good things do though.  Here’s some Fall sewing from the past couple of weeks.



I love the new Cinderella and the old Cinderella, and thankfully Grace does as well. She’s been bugging me about making her a unicorn shirt, so I combined two loves and some pretty stripes.  It came out super duper cute.


Okay, here’s my confession, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Star Wars.  I do however, love the little characters 🙂


I know, you could just eat him up!

IMG_1764This one is a shirt I bought in the big boys section on clearance, and I added some long sleeves and cuffs to make an adorable shirt for Zeke….and a tag that says Mommy Loves You.


This one was such a good use of fabric.  I had a panel from a box sale, and I used the shirt material left over from making Andy’s shirts to make the sleeves and back.  I was even able to cheat on the sleeves there, I used the hem of the shirt to be the hem of the sleeve….WIN!


This one is so pretty.  I used fabric left over from making leggings to make her a shirt, it’s so soft and squishy.


And lastly a bit of #SELFIESEWING for myself.  Who doesn’t love a unillamacorn?  Sometimes you just have to make yourself something fun.

The kids’ shirts are made from the Brindille and Twig free raglan hoodie pattern.  My shirt is from the Patterns For Pirates raglan shirt with modifications for slimmer arms and a longer waistband….I know the neck band looks weird here, but I think it is just how I am sitting, cause it looks great.  I have about ten more of these kinds of shirts cut out for Grace and Zeke.  They get the most new clothes due to Anna and Tanner having more clothes than anyone would ever need.  That tends to happen when you grow very very slowly over the years.

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