She is so lucky!


I am on the brink of adopting a beautiful little girl.  We are there, at the end, waiting for the last bits of legal stuff to conclude, and then we can go get our cutie pie.  To say we are excited would be an understatement.  In fact, there aren’t words to describe our anticipation and joy over adopting this little girl.  Understandably we share that excitement and joy with others, and we hear something all to common.

“She is so lucky.”

Is this truth?  I don’t know.  I mean, she isn’t lucky to have been abandoned by her family.  She isn’t lucky to have a severe brain hemorrhage.  She isn’t lucky to be hungry.  She isn’t lucky to have the only chance available to her mean completely disappearing from her home.  She isn’t lucky to have to leave that home with complete strangers who are waaaaay different looking than she is.

Truth is…I feel like the lucky one.  I feel blessed to have found this beautiful girl.  I feel blessed to be the one who will get to love on her, hold her, and be her mom.  When I see her pictures, my heart aches to have her in my arms.  I look forward to hearing her say momma for the first time, to the first time she gives me a real hug, to her first steps (assuming we make it in time).  I look forward to caring for her after her brain surgery, and watching her grow as my daughter.  I look forward to creating that bond where she knows I will always do everything in my power to protect and care for her.

I also feel sadness.  She is coming to my country, to my home, and to my family.  Her family will be somewhere else.  The mother who gave her life will be somewhere else.  She will learn my voice and my language.  The benefits do outweigh the negatives, but the negatives run deep into core of a person.  That pain of those negatives makes me feel selfish for the joy I have in being able to be her mom.  Adoption is most definitely a time to find joy amongst the sadness.

When someone tells me how lucky Glory is, I usually tell them that we are the lucky ones.  I am sure that they think I am being modest and such, when in reality, it is the truth.  We are the lucky ones to be given care to one of God’s children.  He sees us as worthy enough to guide and love this little girl across the world.  What a mighty privilege and blessing.

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