I don’t give a crap about Josh Duggar.

The media is a flurry, one side is reveling with joy at a hypocrite, a family fallen from the public grace, Christians who have flaws.  On the other side people are in a tizzy of fear at the public perception of Christiana and how they are affected by a forceful judgment and hatred from that other side.


I don’t give a crap about Josh Duggar.

Right now in our world this is happening.

Photo Credit

Oh this is also happening….

human trafficking 2

Yeah,  that says over 31 BILLION a year.  The average sex slave victim will be raped 6,000 times and only has a 7 year life expectancy.  Many of the victims come into the slave trade at 12 years old.  Why are we obsessed with Josh Duggar’s sex scandal when THIS is the sex scandal we need to give world wide attention to.  America is home to thousands upon thousands of slaves….it’s happening right here in our country as well.

Then there is this….

Boko-Haram-Violencephoto credit

Extremists are terrorizing the world.  Do not be desensitized to the horrific mass killings.  These poor souls are dead in the streets, someone’s father, someone’s son, someone who walked and breathed on this earth just like you are doing right now…only they are no longer able to have that privilege.

Do you know why I do not give a crap about Josh Duggar?

His hypocrisy, his sin, his lack of moral character, none of it affects my Christian character.  Not a bit of it makes me any less faithful to my God.  It doesn’t worry me that the world will associate myself with his actions.  No, if anything my Christian self is just going to continue to shine brighter.  Am I a sinner?  Heck yeah I am, although I try to please my Lord, we all fail every now and then.  I’m still going to keep on preaching the gospel to anyone who will listen.  It ain’t about being perfect, without sin, and full of condescension towards those who are lost.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope Josh can find redemption.  I hope he finds true saving grace and leads a true repentant life….just like I hope that for every death row inmate out there.  However, I don’t care about all of the details.  I don’t care about how twisted he was, and how his actions are causing the rabid anti-Christians to salivate.  They can’t get me.  I love Jesus, and I am not stopping or changing a thing about myself because of that man’s actions.

I care about the orphans, the hungry, the homeless, the refugees, the trafficked, the lost, the addicts, the mentally disabled, the religiously persecuted, and just about anything else that actually matters.  Stop worrying about one man’s actions and how it might make the world look at you.  Start giving a crap about REAL things, there is true evil in this world, let your light shine above it all.

They want to mock you, live out righteousness.

They want to mock your God, live even more faithfully to him, and let them see you do it.

They want to change your beliefs, be steadfast.

They want to judge you, do good things in the name of Jesus, be kind, let them judge.  You are not responsible for the fall of anyone else.  If you are compared to someone else, that’s okay, let your awesome love and service to God be the argument.

Now see, you don’t give a crap about Josh Duggar anymore either…do you….

P.s…I don’t give a crap about Tom Brady either….

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