Oh that small one, she is something else. She is anxious to help, anxious to have fun, and full of joy and anger all at the same time. Her world is full of giant people who try to restrict her urge to be free and rule her world. She wants to laugh and yell, she wants to touch everything, and how dare her mother tell her knives are off limits. Don’t you know how exciting knives look, I mean they are like sticks with edges. There must be some fun reason that her mother will not let her touch them.

Have you seen the couches? They are plush, big, and oh so soft. If she moves the table just so, those couches could be used as a world class jumping tool to make her life just that much more fun. She could have the time of her life if she could run from that one, slide across the table, jump to that one, and roll off of the top of the chair, falling into unimaginable glee. She should get the little brother in on this one, it could be epic! Why does her mother think she should not do this, doesn’t she understand how great it is?

Passing gas is hilarious. It’s fun to go around and aim her rear at people and let it roll as she rolls with laughter. This must be one of the most glee filled events of the day for such a small little girl. Why doesn’t her mother understand how funny bodily functions are, and how awesome it is to aim them at the siblings? Her mother tells her to have manners, but manners are no fun at all.

She loves to eat eat eat everything everyone else is eating. Oh, she saw her mother standing at the counter eating cottage cheese and a cracker. That must be the most delicious piece of food ever created, and while she at half of her mother’s breakfast, she knows it couldn’t possibly compare to this delicious morsel of amazingness that is going into her mothers mouth right now. Her mouth is salivating, oh she can just taste it, she must have a bit, she MUST have it NOW, that’s it she’s lost her ability to cope with life…..

Naps are for the weak! She’s not weak, she is strong, who needs sleep anyway. She knows that magical elves come out at nap time and sing and dance in the living room with mom. They eat all kinds of fancy desserts, they watch cartoons, they build a roller coaster in the living room and have a blast…yet there she is being forced to sleep. Absurdity! She’ll show them. She has smuggled every toy she possibly could into her bed. Beds were made for toys. She will have her own fun, no one can hear her jumping and yelling and playing over the fancy dessert eating magic elf fun in the living room….they’ll never know she isn’t napping.

She doesn’t want to wear the purple leggings, no she doesn’t care that she would match, those purple leggings would be the worst thing she could ever dream of putting on her body. The color is itchy. Yes, the pink ones in the same fabric are amazing to wear, but the purple ones feel like rough pine needles of doom. She can’t fathom putting those on her body, she won’t, she must express her greatest distaste for them in a song of tantrum. Tantrums never seem to win anything, but she’s sure that this time things will be different.

Oh that three year old little girl. She loves her Daddy so much she could run up to him when comes through the door from work, and well she can’t help herself, she has to give him a good bite! Why would she be rebuked, doesn’t anyone understand her excitement and love has to be let out? This world makes no sense to her.

Yes, the world is confusing to the one full of emotions that waiver from one end of the spectrum to the next. She is ready for anything, daring, loving, wild, and wants to be carefree. The world will not let her be expressive of all emotions, and that really stinks! She doesn’t care though, she is resilient, she’ll just keep trying 😉

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