Obsessed Chicken

Our baby chicks have been here since June 26th, which means that our laying hens are about teenagers.  They are far to big to escape the fence, well, all but one.  The new Henrietta has a slight obsession with John.  She has figured out how to escape, follows him around everywhere, and hangs out in front of the garage all day….away from the flock.

She’s so obsessed, she gets really mad when he closes the back door to the house.  In fact, she thinks she should be able to just walk right in.


She will take any opportunity to walk in if the door is open, and we have to watch to make sure that she doesn’t get caught in the door, she’s a quick chicken.


John can put his hands out, and she will climb right into his hands.  Usually she rides on his arm back to the coop, which is a waste, we know she’s not going to stay in there.


We definitely have a personable chicken, but she’s also a genius.  She is buttering John up so that she will never be in the stew pot.  She already knows he’s a softy.  What a clever little obsessed chicken.

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