Best Mom Evah!

In a typical day, I am your quintessential failure at this motherhood thing.  I find this quite odd, because when I wasn’t a mother, I seriously had all the answers to parenting.  As I’ve learned over the years though, this parenting stuff is hard work, and there seems to be no way possible to be a complete success.

Until yesterday.


One of the things people think about when they hear Asperger’s is the fascination with a specific thing.  Andy happens to be fascinated (read obsessed) with cats.  He does weekly chores and is offered a book, money, or a music cd.  He always chooses a book about cats.  We hear cat facts day and night, and he even writes them down and keeps them in a notebook.  He has read books about how to speak cat, cat breeds, how to train a cat, how to care for cats, cat rescue stories, and so many more.


When I am sewing, I am usually making things for the other kids, or actual other kids.  Andy has asked me to sew something from cat fabric, but I have NOT been able to find boyish cat fabrics.  Everything is very girly, and I have had quite the disappointed boy.  He wanted a cat shirt so bad, but I couldn’t even find an affordable one online.


Then I found these!

I like to peruse the tshirts on sale at the supermarket, most usually I can find something to upcycle for a very low price.  In fact I found these two shirts in the men’s section and also the accent fabric is from a man’s shirt.  I bought a few XXL shirts for $2 since they were also marked down.  There is A LOT of fabric in an XXL shirt, fabric that is already being used as a shirt, thus it is good for making shirts.

*Tip: If you do not live anywhere near a fabric store with good jersey material, and you do not want to pay the online prices, definitely by marked down shirts at the store.  Not only was I able to use the accent colors for Andy’s shirt, I used the same shirts to make Zeke some as well.  Score for thrifty awesomeness.

Andy is a happy happy boy, this seriously made his day, and I am the best mom evah!…..for a little while anyway 😉

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