The Hubby’s Hobby

I am married to a wonderful man.  He works hard both away from and at home, and he rarely if ever asks for anything.  John doesn’t care what his clothes look like or what brand they are, he doesn’t drive a fancy car with “souped” up anything, and he never asks to go out and do stuff.  In fact, in order to get him out of the house, I have to scheme.  A few times a year, if I know there is a movie at the theater he would like, I will purchase the ticket online and a gift certificate to a restaurant, and send him off.  He won’t waste money, so he will go, and it’s usually a good recharge to his person.

So what does this man do?  Well, he’s a computer nerd.  He can often be seen fixing some kind of electronic for someone else.  Twice in our marriage he has built his own computer, and over the last year, he has been piecing together his newest computer.


He’s pretty excited about this one.  It isn’t complete yet though.  He has to add the two dream video cards to it, but those are not a purchase for this time.


I am the complete opposite of a computer nerd, I’m just madly in love with one, so I only know a little bit.  What I do know, is that the fact that he’s using water to cool his computer, is hard to wrap my mind around.  Water…electronics…it’s supposed to be bad right?  Apparently it is a really great way to cool the computer, it flows through those red and green tubes, and down through a reservoir.


I know that the fun of this project is the piecing it together a little at a time, but when it’s complete, it’s going to be a gaming computer….but I never see the man play a video game.  I know he has them, although not the horrible stuff thank goodness, but the only time he plays is his “free” night I suppose.

Yes, we each have a 5 hour “free” time each week.  Since we are homeschooling parents of five, and some of our kids are not able to be babysat, we have to work a way to provide respite for each other.  Most of the sewing you see each week is done in my 5 hours, it’s therapy ya’ll.

I think hobbies are important.  I like to bake, sew, crochet, knit, and read.  John actually wrote a book over a year and finished it last year.  He hasn’t tried to publish it or anything (although I think he should), he just felt accomplished actually writing a book.  He builds things and welds thing in addition to his computer hobby.  It is a nice outlet to have, and it also keeps us from being idle.  I truly believe that people didn’t suffer as much mentally in the 19th century because they kept their hands busy.

I’m in awe of my husband and all that he does and this is just one piece of him that I find intriguing.  Seriously, when I look inside that heavy box of stuff, I see stuff, whereas he sees a power supply, memory, a cooling unit….etc.

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