What it means to me.

We were recently the recipients of a generous donation that truly touched my heart.  I am humbled by their generosity, and overcome with such gratitude.  Can I tell you a secret though?

Every single donation truly means everything to me.  We went into this adoption knowing that if we absolutely had to, we could scrape together the funds to adopt Glory without any assistance.  It has required a loan, and we are still a good bit short, but we have faith that everything will come together.

So why does a donation mean so much?

It’s a sign of faith in what we are doing. It is a sign of love towards our family and that precious girl.  It is a sign of support for our adopting this little one who is so in need of help and a family.

Isn’t that what someone feels when they donate money to others?  I have donated to everything from medical support, education funds, homeless shelters, adoption, human trafficking, and who knows what else.  Giving through an organization is one thing, but my favorite way to give, is to the person.  I feel like it’s my way of saying, I love you, and I am so for helping you with your need.

That is why it means so much to me.  I love that one day I will be able to tell Glory the story of how people knew she was so special they wanted to be a part of her healing, of her having a new life, and of her having a family.  Family is so important. We all need someone, a collective group of people, to surround us with love and support.  Family doesn’t have to come by genetics, it’s a community, and I look forward to sharing with Glory about her community.  Those near and far.

I often see people who ask for $1 donations.  This may seem absurd to some people.  I think it makes perfect sense.  Someone willing to go through the little interruption in their day to give from their own funds, well…..it just speaks volumes.  It may not make a huge financial dent in the goal, but what it makes in the hearts and minds of the recipient is huge.

The financial mountain that we climb in order to make this sweet girl a part of our family is huge.  It can be overwhelming, and some times it can feel like we are all alone with no way to reach that goal.  We know that she needs medical care, we know that every day is a day that her brain is still hemorrhaging, and we know that she needs the care of a mom and dad.  Knowing that need of hers and that mountain of ours, well you can imagine the emotions.

And then someone gives that support……mountain looks smaller…..struggling emotion filled momma who just wants to jump over the globe and get her baby feels a great big hug 🙂

So thank you for your support.  This crazy emotion filled momma is sending great big hugs right back to you all.

I am also humbled by recently being picked to be a 5/5/5 family with Reece’s Rainbow.  We are one of 5 families that will share in donations raised over the next month!  I know, it’s exciting, right! The hope is that people will donate just $5 or more to support these families in their journey to scaling those mountains.  If you choose to give, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

<a “http://reecesrainbow.org/555families&#8221; title=””>CLICK to share 555 Families on your blog!

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