Sewing for Fall! Part 1


I know, it’s just July 31, but if I’m going to have anything sewn for Fall, I have to start early.  This was an absolute treat to sew.  I found this fabric on a very good sale at Fabric Worm during a holiday.  That is the best thing a fabric junkie on a budget can do, watch the sales like crazy.


This particular fabric is pricey if you don’t catch it on sale.  I can see why though.  It is Birch Organic fabric, a medium weight cotton knit fabric that is buttery soft and delicious!  Yes, I said delicious.  Seriously, I’m jealous of Zeke’s yummy clothes.  I even lined the inside hood with cotton velour, so it is extra yummy.


The patterns that I used for this ensemble are both from Brindille & Twig.  The pants are the Harem Pants pattern, which are a genius concept for babies.  Not only are these pants super quick to sew, but they offer an easy pants pattern to accommodate even the fluffiest cloth diaper booty.  With a disposable diaper on, they still look amazing.  This pattern is well written, the sizes are spot on, and the cuff legs are fabulous in my opinion.  I love a cuff, no hemming required.


You know how they say nothing is free?  Well they haven’t seen this hoodie pattern!  Well, technically I signed up for the newsletter, but I wanted it anyway, so it was a win/win for me.  This hoodie pattern runs from size preemie to size 5T I believe.  Perfect for some of my wee people.  It is very easy to put together, I love the no cutting pattern edges for the taping, and it sews up very quick.  This is one that offers so many endless possibilities, and I loved it so much, I have three more cut out with different fabrics.  You can find the pattern for free at Brindille and Twig.  I have not been paid or given anything to write about these patterns, I bought the pants pattern last year, and recently found the hoodie pattern.

It is only one outfit down with many more to go, but it feels like I’m ahead of the game right now.  I know that if I had waited until Fall had actually arrived, I probably wouldn’t have made very many clothes for the kids this year.  That would have been a bummer, dressing a 1 year old is incredibly fun.  Heck, sewing for a 1 year old is fun, it takes less time for optimal cuteness.

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