Slept through the night? A special needs Momma’s dream come true.

It has been over five years since our adoption of Tanner has been completed. In that five years time, we have not been able to find a way to encourage him to go to sleep and stay asleep or in his bed. He would see bed time as a time to get extremely wild with his behavior, and thus he would never be well rested during the day.


We finally got a good night of sleep!

A night where he went to bed, he didn’t spend an hour or more jumping and screaming and stimming.  A night where I went in to wake him up at 7, and he was still asleep!  He shares a room with Andy, and I was told that Tanner did not make a peep all night long.  It’s amazing ya’ll.

So what changed?

I bought this.


It’s called a Privacy Pop tent.  You can find it here (Privacy Pop).  This is not an affiliate link, this is just me letting everyone know where I found my gateway to a good night’s sleep.  It’s pretty big, but it zips up and provides kind of a block to all sensory stimulation.  I suppose that’s why he slept so well, nothing to perk his senses.  I hope it works this well every night.  For now I will be grateful for new hope that we may have found something to help in this five year struggle, and something that may help Tanner to finally have a rest filled body.

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