Listen Up Christians

      There are a lot of articles circulating the web these days about people leaving the Christian faith in America.  I am left asking myself, are these written by people hoping to persuade others from joining?  Perhaps.  However, I believe there is something worse happening.
I believe there are to many pseudo Christians, to many churches failing on two accounts. 

    On one hand you have “feel good” Christianity.  You know these kinds of people.  They go to a building to hear about how much God is going to bless them with only good things, all things are permissible as long as they do not harm others, there is no hell.  As long as you mind your own business, give us money, and feel good about yourself, all is well in the world. 
    This kind of church is insincere.  It isn’t based on the word, and it lacks a necessary strength, it is basically a feel good social club to hell.  This is the kind of church that doesn’t really care about saving souls, and helping new Christians build a foundation in Christ that will sustain them through the hard times.  This church cares about popularity and people choosing them.  How can this church really reach out to a world that is falling away and suffering?

     The other side of the coin, the church of self-righteousness.  My goodness this is a major problem for Christianity.  You know this place and these people.  This church shuts out the sinners and hides their children away from anyone they deem unworthy of the gospel. 

     If you are part of this church, you need to know that people hate you.  They see you as a hypocrite, you make them feel dirty and unworthy, and you are leaving a legacy of prejudice and hate with your children.  You turn the most people away from Christ, and sometimes for life.  The people of this kind of church distance themselves so far from sinners, they begin to excuse their own sin, and are blind to Christ’s true teachings.  They say they do not want to be around the foul mouth drug addict, because “those” people are going to hell.


    They are going to hell if no one reaches out to them, if no one is genuine, if no one can see past the exterior to a soul that is beloved by our Creator.

    Listen up Christians, we need a reformation.  You don’t have to be permissible about sin in order to be a light to the sinner.  Jesus didn’t stand for the defiling of the synagogues, but he still died for the defilers. 

    I can say that I don’t agree with your lifestyle.  It’s not right to smoke crack all day and have sex with a bunch of different men at night.  BUT that doesn’t make you any less loveable by God, and I have no place to make you feel like I’m worthy of salvation but you are not. 

   We are all sinner and equal in sin. 

  We can teach out children morals, and that stealing, lying, cheating is wrong.  We do not have to accept the immoral in order to show people Christ’s love.  We have to build our children with a strong foundation, and show them how to have the same love and compassion as Jesus. 

   Idly standing by and watching the world crumble morally while you “mind your own business” is not the salt you, Christian, were called to be.

   Hiding away from the falling world and shaming everyone from your self righteous platform is not the being the light to the world.  They don’t see your morally awesome life, because they are to busy looking at your dark judge filled soul.

   Live a moral, Bible following life.  Live it as a loving light and an example IN the world.  Don’t agree with everyone for peace’s sake, but don’t pass on judgment from a “better than thou” spirit either. 

  A whore washed Jesus’ feet.  I think if Jesus could mingle with whores, tell them their sins, and die for them….you can be a true Christian amongst them as well. 

   Don’t be afraid to look past the foul language, drugged out gaze, worn clothing, and love the marred soul. 

   They need you.

   Your children, all children, need to see you caring for those who are lost.  To know that their sins will never be more than God can forgive, and that there is a path to righteousness. 

   If we don’t reform, Christians, if we don’t live amongst the loss and help them find redemption, who will?  And how will we answer for ourselves in Heaven?

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