Racism Addressed

I’ve been sent messages accusing me of being racist.  So, I thought I would address this issue and it’s absurdity.  There is no secret that I do not support our current president’s politics, and that I do try to bring to light the forgotten poverty stricken people who live in Appalachia.  Hey, I do not support many of the politicians in Washington though, as I do not feel that many of them really represent the people any more.  It’s not a color thing, it’s a human being thing.  I don’t think they really care about human beings.
I can NOT agree with our president, and also NOT be a racist.  It seems like a radical thought, but it is a very real possibility.
I’m not sure how people come to the conclusion that someone is a racist when they have never met them.  To me, you are a person created by God, and God does not see the level of pigment in your skin.  I can appreciate all cultures that may include a group of people with common skin tones, but I also appreciate the culture of people with Down syndrome, CP, Hydrocephalus, etc. 
Being accused of racism is something that infuriates me.  It is a hate filled word, not to be taken lightly, and especially touches my heart, because I have friends of all cultures and colors.  The actual definition means to commit violence against people because of their race, or to believe that one race is better than another. This sickens me.  It sickens me particularly because one of my best friends is not of my race.  She and I have been friends for over 20 years.
(our eight grade dance)
Before assumptions are made.  I am not writing this to say, “oh I have a token black friend,” no I’m writing this to say that you accusers need to be wary of your accusations.  I’m writing this, because my friend here, is like my sister….in fact she’s been dating my brother-in-law for years.  So really, we might as well be sisters.
(us in high school)
I am addressing this, because I would give this friend my kidney.  She is a person, and believe it or not, it is possible to see people beyond their skin (while still appreciating and respecting their heritage). 
(pregnant with kid #1)
I feel like to accuse someone of racism (VIOLENCE against another race) is such a harsh judgment that people do not understand the impact.  When you accuse me, you are trying to devalue my relationship and admiration for someone that I’ve cared about for the majority of my life.  You devalue t\he fact that we as human beings are capable of loving people who do not look the same as us.  You strip all progress made from the people who marched for civil rights, and only spur efforts to create a racial divide once more.
(pregnant with kid #5)
I do not write to say, “look at me I have a black friend and I can’t possibly be racist.”  I write this to say look, I love this person like a sister, and you are trying to devalue that relationship with your ignorant accusations.  I say, people like you are the problem.  People like you aren’t trying to solve the racial tensions in our world, you are trying to stir the pot, make yourself feel important and self righteous.  This girl is a part of my family from childhood, and still as girlfriend to my husband’s brother (we did say we’d marry brothers one day).  You do not get to devalue our relationship. 
This is going to be my daughter.  Not because of some trend, but because she is a little girl in our world who needs a mom and dad. 
You do not get to devalue my love for her with your ignorance.  I do not love the people in my life who’s skin is different from mine, because of some self important ideas.  No, I appreciate their differences (as I appreciate those with special needs), but in the end I love their soul. 
If you cannot find it in yourself to see loving someone above and beyond how they are different from you, then you may need to evaluate your self and your thinking.  You need to evaluate yourself before making heinous accusations.

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